Ihor Ohirko

(born on 14 April, 1952 in the village Lacustrine in the Zborivskogo district, Ternopil'skoy area) is a Ukrainian mathematician, doctor of phizico-mathematical sciences (1990) and Professor.



Ohirko finished middle school in Lvov. Starting in 1974, he studied mathematic at the Lvov university. Four years later he wrote his dissertation on the mathematical methods of optimization and design. After that he worked in the Institute of Applied Problems of Mechanics and Mathematics of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine as well as the Lvov State University. There he also headed the Department of Numeral Methods of Mechanics. In 1990, Ogirko oversaw dissertations at the Kazanskomu University. During his work, he developed the models of nonlinear and utillized the numeral methods of optimization. From 1992 onwards, he has worked as a professor and was head of the Department of Applied Mathematics of the Ukrainian Polygraphy Institute. He became also professor in the Department of Electronic Editions of the Ukrainian Academy of Book-Printings. As a professor, Ogirko lay out mathematical methods in linguistics. Applied mathematics lays out courses, Informatics for graduate students, Network technologies, Management, Design and software, projects.

Scientific activity

Ohirko's scientific research includes nonlinear differential equalizations of methods of optimization. His candidate's dissertation was devoted to research of the state of shells with the use of numeral mathematical methods. Shells and plates were probed from material taking into account geometrical non-linearity. In doctoral десертації the tensely deformed state of construction was probed under the action of power and temperature factors. He also developed the method of operator programming. Iteraciyni was utilized and computer methods of untilizing nonlinear differential equalizations. Ogirko is now working on investometriya.

Being ann author of 156 scientific works, he also has three monographs among them. He is author of the books 'Optimization of deformation of printing forms', 'Mathematical design of printing forms of rotary presses' and 'Applied mathematics'. He also owns twelve copyright certificates on inventions. A member of two specialized advices is from defence of candidate's and doctoral dissertations: in the Ukrainian academy of book-printing and in the Lvov national university.In 2002-2005роках member of Specialized advice after speciality state administration in Academy of state administration at President of Ukraine . A permanent member of editorial colleges of collections of scientific scientific labours is «Polygraphy and publishing business», «Scientific messages of the Ukrainian academy of book-printing».Ç 2000р. for 2008 school year head of the State examination commission of the Lvov national university the name of Iv. Franca on specialities economic cybernetics and applied mathematics.Under his guidance protected candidate's dissertation of Zagura f.V. Recipient of an award the deeds of the Ukrainian academy of book-printing, Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine, for scientific and pedagogical activity.Now he works at Lviv Science Educational Institute of Zakarpatskyj State University and his major subject is A Mathematics Methods In Applied Linguistic. He continues his activitie in Applied Mathematics department.

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